Official Announcement!! 

Shameless US Femslash was created with the overall goal of increasing visibility of female characters in Shameless. We know that women in the media are poorly represented, and Shameless is no exception to this.

So, with that in mind, Shameless US Femslash Week will take place September 10th through September 16th, 2014. At the end of Femslash Week, we’ll remain a regularly updated resource for female centered fanworks.

The purpose of Femslash Week is to promote and celebrate all female identifying characters from Shameless US. We invite all fandom members to create fanworks dedicated to them. We welcome all types of fanworks (fanfiction, fanart, edits, gifs, fanmixes, fanvideos).

The themes for the week are:

Day 1: Firsts

Day 2: AUs

Day 3: Canon Rewrite

Day 4: Crossovers

Day 5: Angst

Day 6: Fluff

Day 7: Future

All information for the week and descriptions for the themes can be found here: About, Rules, Themes.

Please direct all questions, comments, or any needed clarifications to this blog.


Shameless (2011-present)
Paul Abbott

Aunt Ginger 1.03

Ian Gallagher! You messed with the wrong girl! Mandy told us what you did, you piece of shit.

I just wanna say that I love you and that I forgive you for everything…unless you live, then I’m still pissed off.